Why Video Marketing is important Now!


Is not something new that the use of video in

 content marketing is everywhere, 
Youtube is now the second largest search engine on the web, after google.
Virtually, there are no boundaries on where, how and when people interact with content.
Video content is quickly emerging and the statistics show that it is becoming one of the best marketing mediums out there. After all, it’s cheap and t’s accessible to everyone.

Why Video Marketing is important?

Because Video marketing makes a huge impact on conversions and sales. Videos being more explanatory and an excellent engager, marketers are leveraging them to attract more sales and even increase brand awareness.

  • Video content gives brands and users to demonstrate the usage of products and services. 
  • Visuals have always been more attractive than written content.
  • When we talk about marketing, video marketing gets the maximum return on investment.
  • Publishing videos will also make your brand easily recallable and recognizable.

News about Video Marketing!

Facebook Watch

Video marketing is one of the best tools to execute a social media campaign, Facebook watch, youtube TV, are all new destinations where people are watching video instead of tuning into traditional television.
This placement is currently available to all advertisers and will insert your ad into longer-format videos ( longer than 90 seconds). Like television commercials, your ad is more likely to maintain viewer attention as there aye more invested in the content following your ad.

                                                              What is a show?

A show is a group of videos that have a shared narrative or theme (characters or concepts that are common across videos).
Shows areepisodic which means that viewers can expect to see more than a one-off video when following them can expect new episodes to be published regularly.
Episodes can vary in length based on what works for your specific theme or type of content, and range at least 3+ min long, even up to 30 minutes or more.
Shows are self-contained meaning viewers can expect to see the episode in its entirety when watching it.
Shows are a new format created for Watch, a platform for intentional viewing that makes it easy for people to catch up with videos from their favorite creators and publishers.


Facebook Spaces

3D videoposts made on Facebook Spaces and shared on people's walls are a completely new and interactive way of marketing a product or a brand on social media.
People can get a closer interaction with the content by viewing it through a 360-degree perspective.

The use of VR ( Virtual Reality) 

video marketing gives a sense of participation to the viewer.
A consumer can inspect the product in an intimately way.
To create the videos 360 °, a series of special cameras are used that simultaneously record the 360 degrees of a scene. Thus, when people reproduce the video on Facebook they can choose from what angle they want to see it.
On the website, they can do so by dragging the cursor over the video. On mobile devices, they can drag their finger or even rotate the device.
Can small businesses do video?
Absolutely. Video production costs are no longer pricey, and especially if you combine video with your other content marketing efforts, like social media, regular videos are highly feasible.
There's no doubt that video is here to stay. Therefore, video marketing is the smartest course of action for content marketing for the future.

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