What we do

IQ Social Business offers Social Media Marketing services of the highest quality and is based in the city of Sanford Florida, working around the world.


Branding & Design

We specialize in creating new brands and if you already have your brand we align with your corporate identity to make it even stronger to create with your customers more engagement.

Because branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, B2C or B2B.


Inbound Marketing

We focus on creating epic content for you, publish them in all channels like:

Website, Blog, Social Media, Email, and more, at the specific time for customers to come to your business, engage with your brand and become happy buyers.

After this, they will be happy to be promoters of your brand


Digital Marketing

We research all areas of the business, analyze data and together with the science of Neuromarketing. We create strategies adapted to the needs of our clients in order to achieve the objectives.

And we can measure results fast, because digital marketing allow to see accurate results in real time.



Website Design

We specialize in custom website design, hosting, marketing, graphic design, responsive design, WordPress and everywhere you need to have an online presence.

Websites are not optional in modern business. In addition, your website should not be just pretty, it should be your best unpaid seller.

Working 24 hours, 7 days a week to build trust, grow your audience and convert browsers elegantly into buyers and enthusiasts customers.



We start with defining a comprehensive strategy built on research, analysis and insights. Then we develop creative that will help achieve your specific goals. Media planning and delivery puts your ads in front of your target audience. Finally measurement tells us what is working and what isn’t.

Strategic account planning takes a long-term approach to your marketing-communications needs based on research and valuable insights. Working as your advertising agency and marketing team, we can plan, create, and execute your advertising campaign.


Video Production & Commercials

Video is firmly embedded across today’s marketing media, whether Web, pay-per-click, social media or mobile. Nothing communicates your message faster or makes a deeper impression than the motion, sound and color of video and film.

Among advertising media TV, tablet and mobile screens still deliver the best content. Consumers watching habits have changed but broadcast and cable TV networks and streaming services pack the highest quality content.


Candy Table Chocolate

With Advertising we can do:

  • Integrated campaigns – digital, print, outdoor.
  • SEO, pay-per-click, online display.
  • Social campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.
  • Local/regional, national and international.

With Video Marketing

We can elevate the client's perception of their brand, because we create memorable video campaigns based on neoromarketing strategies.

IQ Social Business we build, design and produce videos and commercials that will help you find a ROI much faster.


Next Steps...

In IQ Social Business want to design the right strategy for your business.

Because our passion is to help businesses create an memorable social image, for that we have creative and dynamic experts.

Do you want to know your weaknesses and turn them into strengths?