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Culinary  Demos - Restaurants - Live Music & Entertainment - Keynote Speakers - Cooking Shows - Craft Artisan Corner - Kids Zone - 40  Vendors And Much More!

A one-of-a kind multicultural food festival for attendees, and a fantastic event for 40 exclusive vendors!

At IQ Gastronomic Festival, our    purpose is participate and connect to the community of Orlando in order to unite all cultures in one international culinary platform.

The festival will contribute to the development of a gastronomy culture in the city of Orlando. IQ Gastronomic Festival is a platform that supports the exposure of local restaurants, businesses and products in the food, beverage and art industry.


10:00am - 6:00pm

at Celebration Gardens - Winter Park

1871 Minnesota Ave, Winter Park, FL  

Brand your business - with culinary cultural flair


This event is sponsored by FIGAT (International Federation of Gastronomy, Art and Tourism).  FIGAT defines its mission in the support, promotion and coordination of cultural events that feature gastronomy, as the epicenter of cultural and economic development.  FIGAT’s internationally recognized chefs pair up with local foodies to create memorable culinary/foodie experiences.  At IQGF, FIGAT will offer Foodie Club VIP Memberships and Passports (with exclusively designed badges for IQGF’s attendees).  Through FIGAT’s VIP Themed Dinner, we give opening to our IQ Gastronomic Festival, aiming to make our guests immerse themselves in diverse culinary cultures through creative and artistic expression, while embracing diversity. In addition, FIGAT will facilitate barista, cooking, and cocktail workshops following the festival


Community Outreach

IQ Gastronomic Festival in Orlando finds its purpose in the  creation of a foodie community that shares values beyond food consumption.  At our event, we experience the flavors of Orlando and the World; but we also share values of equality, fraternity, camaraderie as we taste each one of our cultures. 

IQ Gastronomic Festival will set a movement in the city and will set a new trend in Central Florida. Never before has  there has been an event in our city focused in melting all nationalities, types of food, Chefs, and foodies in one big family.

This event is designed with inclusion, brotherhood and union in mind at the table. In the kitchen, we want to unite all flavors, mix cultures and prove that America is still the World’s most wonderful country of multicultural diversity.

We invite you to become pioneers and innovators; and join us to create a new gastronomic culture in the city of Orlando.  Together, we can leave a legacy and make an imprint in our region’s  history for future generations to come.

Welcome to the IQ Gastronomic Festival.