Facebook Introducing WhatsApp Business App

Facebook Introducing “WhatsApp Business App” is the good news after the big changes in Facebook “the number One in the social channels”.

Last week Facebook made a controversial announcement, you will see less public content, including news, video, and posts from brands and instead prioritize content to encourage meaningful social interactions with family and friends over passive consumption.

It means, higher advertising costs.

The implications for this decision are massive, especially for brands and publishers. For a long time, it was a very good strategy, as facebook generated incredible amounts of traffic, but Zuckerberg´s announcement changes that.

This Facebook decision, means spending more money on ads, and it is something that we were afraid of but is not a surprise at all.
The Good News is….
Facebook-owned WhatsApp, launched a new stand-alone app, called WhatsApp Business, designed to help small businesses to easily connect with their customers, as announced by the company on Thursday.
WhatsApp Business is a free App

( Android only for now, available in UK, US, Mexico, Indonesia and Italy ) will help companies to get a better connection with their clients and settle presence on whatsApp.

Business can use a variety of tools implemented by WhatsApp Business, the app provides fast answers to customers, greeting messages and away messages.
It would make a much closer relationship between business and clients. Business will be able to access to numbers of messages read.
Business will only be adequate to contact people who provided their phone number and previously had agreed to receive messages from them.
Some internet latest statistics of social media, expose that around 2.48 billion people-or one in three humans on the planet used social networks in 2017 and 82.5% of them used a mobile device at least once to access them.
The massive growth in 2017 is much in thanks to emerging markets, including Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.
Facebook still holds the No. 1 spot, with 1.54 billion users, but Facebook´s instagram has made headway and now counts 594 million users among its ranks. That is amazing.
WhatsApp business is now another marketing tool for small commercial organizations, in consequence of this, Facebook has to implement something similar or even better, improve to their messenger tool is a must.

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