Our Approach

We are full of knowledge, strategies and creativity tools used to give our customers a set of full-service to cover the culinary marketing needs.

Our strategies allow us to respond quickly to all changes in the market, so we can adapt.

Not just react to these changes, with comprehensive, multidimensional strategies for our clients, giving them in this way the best service to achieve success in the campaign.


Annual IQ Gastronomic Festival

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At IQ Gastronomic Festival, our   purpose is participate and connect to the community of Orlando in order to unite all cultures in one international culinary platform.

The festival will contribute to the development of a gastronomy culture in the city of Orlando. IQ Gastronomic Festival is a platform that supports the exposure of local restaurants, businesses and products in the food, beverage and art industry.


Our Mission

Is to provide effective and comprehensive digital advertising and marketing strategies that add value and generate brand building, through great emotional impacts to the consumer.

Creating unique experiences that achieve loyalty and loyalty to brands, and contributing to the development and commercial growth of our customers.

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Our Vision

To become the main social media marketing agency and digital advertising agency distinguished by the excellent quality in the processes, decision making, advertising strategies and Digital Marketing.

Creating the best value content for your brand, increase the engagement of your customers and attract new potential customers.


Our Values

Connect the target audience with your brand. We decided to put our passion for authenticity, digital marketing and growth-hacking to work for businesses of all sizes.

Our creative process cultivates ideas and transforms them into action-driving campaigns that aim to innovate, engage and convert, to grow up yor business.

Meet the Team

At IQ Social Business, we pride ourselves on working only with the best professionals in our industry. Because we are committed to the clients and we give the best of ourselves so that you and we achieve our goals.

For that reason when you choose IQ Social Business, you can be sure you are in the best hands. We have a team of professionals to bring your projects to life.

Ivaneska Calixto

Ivaneska Calixto


Industrial Engineer, Graphic Designer and Certified as Social Media Marketing Expert and Financial Advisor

Next Steps...

We are a Social Marketing Agency who help small businesses achieve exponential growth through a combination of strategic marketing, generating customer engagement as well as the search for new potential clients while establishing a prominent brand presence, that exists long after the sale.